Birthday Party Ideas on Digital Era

                Nowadays people use social media accounts to show their personality. But social medias isn’t equal to negativity bias.  People still can share their positive thoughts through the internet. But have you ever thought to celebrate your own birthday by using social medias tools? Here are some birthday party ideas on digital era that you can do:

 1. Send a gift to random people that have the same birthday date with you.

                On the morning of your day, you might notice tons of birthday greetings from your online friends. You also notice that some of your online friends also celebrate their day same as you. Then, try to send them a package gift of books. But be careful, make sure he or she is real, you may find the one on the official online book reader communities for example. A book is symbolized of a story, every book that you think bad, there will always a moral story that you will get from the book. As we know, almost of the people love books.

2. Make a vlog or try something new.

                You may feel bored just scrolling your social medias, judges and hates everywhere. As a youth you may try something new on the internet. You can search the references through the internet and make a material to talk in the front of the camera. You can invite your friends to join your new challenge in  your new age. Just try it and you will have good memories to remember and captured by a video. After making a vlog, you might do the same to your friends’ birthday, say some greetings to them!

3. Share a little with youth online community.

                Even we live in the modern era and we can get easily what we need. There are still a lot of unfortunate kids without  a home, without parents, and without quality education. Some of the youth still care to them instead of just spending their time scrolling social medias. You may be part of those youths and you still busy with your college tasks. But don’t worry, you still can share your money with them. Just give them a little, that is much meaningful than those candles, cakes, and late night parties.

4. Buy some second-hand books.

                Book is always awesome to collect, to read and to sniff. Through the internet, you can read a lot of references to good books. There are a lot of online shops that sells second-hand book that you can buy. Just imagine it, you can spend your money and you get a lot of good stories from the books. You may can’t meet the plastic wrap but you will feel like meet an old friend, because there is a kind of adventure of the second-hand book, from the reader to the reader. A classic book like to adopt and to enjoy.

5. Make a giveaway in your blog.

                If you have an addicted to blogging and you have a potential blog, try to share with your online friends. Share is good to do and might be one of the best new version of birthday party ideas. If you love to post a book or movie review on your blog, try to make a giveaway on your blog. With a giveaway, you can challenge your online friends to get the gift that you take for the prize. Make a challenge to write a story, to write a movie or book review or something that you have to do in your new age. You will get a fun discussion and also increases your traffic blog.

6. Write a letter to your own self.

                It’s nice to write a letter that addressed to your own self. You don’t need to confused thinking about birthday party ideas like what dress that you should buy, how many friends that you invite. Just write down some messages, some thank you greetings for all the time that you had passed. Write some messages that will remind you of happiness, the goals that you will reach and be the best team with your own self. Or just start with: “Hello, you’re going older today, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s not about how old you are but how you are old. You must be the happiest person in this world. Do you remember the day when.... Let’s do some new things, like....”. Then just make a deal, you know better than anyone in this world about yourself.

7. One day traveling without the smartphone.

                It doesn’t mean to left your smartphone on your home. Just turn off while traveling and take just one or two photos with your friend. You don’t need to spend your money, just take a walk in your local area, feel the atmosphere and enjoy the moment. After it is done, print the photos that you take and put them in your bedroom.

8. Play pretend.

                It’s not about showing as the different character to your friends, but imagining yourself speak in front of them as the successful person you never imagine. I believe that you have at least one kind of hobby or something that you really like. You may start with conceptualizing a speech script, for the example starts from the beginning:  “I like to daydreaming. Just imagine that one day I unpredictably become the most successful person, being a speaker in the seminar, standing in front of thousand people  and make those who hate me will get more jealous on me. Well, daydreaming much fun that just spending your time and thinking what your life goals are and feel like you just want to disappear but you can’t deal with the death.  You may know me but you didn’t recognize me well, you think that I’m quiet and stiff. You aren’t wrong, you just didn’t know what another side of me. Well, I am a.....” Is it sound interesting? You may post your draft on your blog as your notes. No one knows that one day you will be the person that you mentioned before on your draft.

                So, are you interested to try those kinds of stuff? Nox!

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