How To Overcome A Fear Of Being Alone

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Some people have certain fears that they have to deal with for their entire life. One of the fear is a fear of being alone, or isolated. Me, as a person with an introvert tendency, oftenly feel being isolated, not accepted in the community, or different. But it was okay, I always survive so don’t worry, I enjoy it sometimes. Ya I know I am awesome and you must be proud. Well, the feeling of being alone or isolated which related to the social life can increase the risk on earlier death by negative feelings. Luckily, there’s always a solution for each problem, and the fear of being alone can be reduced by these steps.

For the first step, we must be brave to share what we feel or our burden to reduce the stress. Don’t isolate yourself and think that there are no people will help you. 

The second, find the right social circle to spend with, developing the interests, and forgetting the problems, boredom, and sadness. This advantage isn’t only to gather together but also get the connections and links. The important thing of find the social circle is by choosing what group which we need. This case by choosing the wrong social circle can increase the insecurities in yourself by comparing each other.

The third, we know that we live in the internet era, so I suggest not to spend too many times in social medias unless you have a job as a content writer or anything that need social medias or community of discussion. Social medias tend to compare one person achievements to another which makes underestimate their self. It can make them feel unuseful human being and will isolate themselves. The best way to deal with yourself is grateful and count the blessings. Feed our soul with positive energy and the better life.

Thus, those are three simple ways to overcome a fear of being alone.It can be handled by sharing the feelings or burdens, find the right social circle, and not spend too many times in social medias.
I am not usually posting this kind of post, I rarely post in English tho. Dunno why this actually my free writing with a topic of “how to overcome a fear” in my academic writing. Like, why. I just feel like people get difficult in socializing because they feel hard to deal with the different characters, perspective, judgment. But, what are the achievement, the journeys that we passed without—yea at least a person to share with? We’re human, right?



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