To a Man of June 22

When I see you with that white lab coat
I know I adore you as a person, my person
'Till the universe makes us closer
'Till the times running by, I often forget
That you're my inspiration, my muse
That you have gone this through, brought me this so far
And I, that I think I much better than you
There's a part of me that won't say sorry
But I force the 1/4 of me to beat the 3/4 of me
The 3/4 of egoistic, full of anger and hatred
I'm so sorry that I actually more "scoundrel" than you
To Hölle with everything thoughts and the poems
But in this verse, I send to you with a half of my journey
I don't know, but
I still, and always believe
That one day, you're truly yours
That you will show up, the great you
Happy 21st, Mann.


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