Shapewear, One of Your Self-Care Buddy

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The best thing on being a woman is to take care of yourself as your self-care routine. Of course, the journey of loving yourself can be a tough one. It doesn't always bring a good result but the opposite, but here it is—you finally know all the parts of yourself; the best ones, the flaws, the new part you haven't met before, and the new you who has been through all the experiences.

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On Loving Yourself Journey

You can't expect the super-perfect result on your journey of loving yourself. It's a long way to go as long as we live in this world, but the best part is you are becoming more and more compassionate toward yourself. Loving yourself doesn't always have to change all of your appearance that might be your insecurities, sometimes we only have to deal with them. It's not about ignoring or skipping taking care, but you know you already do your best and love that the way it is.

Loving yourself is always a whole package, start from the mindset, acknowledging your body as a whole—that you are more than your insecurities, and the efforts you do like going to the gym, having a consultation with the doctor, wearing the skincare, purchasing body shaper that suits you, put your sunscreen, putting the best nutrition food, get enough of water and sun, and have a good sleep quality schedule. 

Choosing The Shapewear That Suits You Best

As you can always show the best part of yourself by wearing make-up that suits you best, you also can always wear your best clothes on any form occasion. The right color, material, and model can reflect your beauty and inner beauty. Is it faking by covering it? Of course not, dear. It's the skills and the grace that you can do.

high compression shapewear

Loving yourself can also be in the form of healthy working out or dieting to keep in shape. To finally reach your goal is such a blessed feeling. You finally can wear your best dress, your dream cute clothes in confidence, etc. To glam your appearance and appreciate it, you can wear a comfy body shaper and have your day!

Always choose the one which suits you by these some considerations:

1. Material

scluptshe shapewear

First thing first, you should look at the material first before anything that you think the shapewear looks interesting. Fit the material type with the season or the weather currently. You might choose the Wacoal type plus size waist trainer that has the ability to sweat absorption and is breathable so you can wear it comfortably. In cooler weather, you can use nylon or spandex material.

2. Right Size & Body Shape

plus size shapewear

Always choose the right size for your body and know what your body type is. It helps a lot and brings your best looks based on your goal. You can have some that you can wear in different kinds of use, might be in daily, special events, or training.

3. Target Area and Type

body shaper

Choosing shapewear means you know which body area you want to show or be good at. You can choose the bodysuit full head to toe to make it easier and minimalist. If you are planning to enroll for a special occasion, choose the extra waist shaper and bra waist that will sculpt you to be in great shape or high compression shapewear. Under a dress? You can wear a slip-bra dress.

Wearing shapewear isn't only for all the above but also helps your confidence back after pregnancy as long as it is comfy. There's a saying that your body is your palace. So, don't forget to always remember to always choose yourself and take care of yourself first in your journey. See ya!

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