The Benefits of Using Silicone Feeding Sets for Than Other Materials

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The material of food utensils is various, such as bamboo, plastic, stainless steel, ceramics, wood, and glass. There is no problem for the adult in using it since we know how to place, clean, and store them. But it is another case if you are a mother to a baby; you should consider the right feeding set for the baby to learn in eating or provide the meals in front of them.

Silicone Feeding Set

The main concern in choosing the right material is safety; both for the baby when it's time for feeding time or the food placed in the feeding set. The baby aged starts from within 8 y.o usually start to learn how to use the utensils, it can be messy due to proceed their curiosity but good for their motor function.

You can consider silicone material as the best material to complete the feeding time for the baby. There are several advantages to using the silicone feeding set for the baby, they are:

1. Soft and Durable One

The silicone feeding comes from liquid silicone for molds technique so it has a soft texture and smooth one and leading to the ideal one for the mothers carrying the feeding time. The mothers don't have to worry if the baby will get hurt because it doesn't have any sharp shape that might harm the skin or the baby's mouth. Another advantage is the silicone material has a durable time so as long as it isn't damaged, it can always be used.

2. Easy to Clean

It could be efficient to have the silicone feeding sets since it's easy to clean. The silicone cutlery won't leave any stain, be odorless, and can be washed quickly so it didn't count toward additional house chores. 

3. Environmentally Friendly

It is mentioned before that silicone cutlery has durable time material so it won't add some unused kind of stuff left or waste. Since it has a flexible texture, it can't be broken even if it falls from the desk, compared to glass material for example. It is also resistant to chemicals and temperature and won't affect the shape and helps you store and use them for a long time.

4. Various Forms and Colours

liquid silicone for molds

Say goodbyes to the boring design in your feeding set, since it is set as baby-friendly, you can find the various shape, forms, and also colors. The baby will get enthusiastic during feeding time and love to, it quite has a similar form to the toys but is still safe. It also can be used based on the kind of food that will be served and can be customized based on the needs. For example, a spoon, a bowl, a plate, custom silicon cup, etc which is already customized in the baby's version.

5. Baby Safe

When it comes to feeding and related to the food, the feeding set is already arranged in food grade standard and BPA free so it will not be affected to baby's health and safety.

silicone cup

It would be a good idea to have the silicone feeding cutlery set if you are a new mom or has a close friend who has a baby newborn as a gift. Related to the benefits above, it could be a wise choice on choosing the right material feeding set for the baby. Thus, feeding time and motherhood could be fun moments! Looking for the set? Go catch in and find what you looking for!

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  1. Jadi inget pas anak2 masih bayi, aku pun beli peralatan makan mereka yg model silikon gini mba 😄. Soalnya memang mudah dibersihkan, ringan, ga kuatir pecah, dan beberapa peralatannya cocok buat anak yg belajar makan sendiri, nempel di meja gitu. Pas temen2 ada yg lahiran, kadang2 aku juga kasih kado begini. Pasti kepake soalnya

    1. Awet juga pastinya ya :D

      Bagus emang ini untuk kado teman yg punya anak bayiik hihi


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